Thursday Pedagogy 8.12.16

Chanakya Neeti 15

It is alright to live in a forest surrounded by beasts, eat the fruits of trees, wear tree barks but it is not alright to be the only poor man dwelling with rich friends.

Or in other words he is telling us that it is alright to be poor when you are in your natural surroundings, even if it is out in the forest, like sages have done for centuries, lived on minimum as they pursued knowledge, wisdom and God, but it is not at all good for a poor person to mingle with rich people too much, even if they are his or her friends!
I once again totally agree with him, I firmly believe that one should mingle with people of his own wavelength in every sense, not only moneywise! I have followed this instinct from childhood, and have only regretted when I have disobeyed that instinct.
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Chanakya was the mentor, guide and prime minister of Emperor Chandragupta Maurya. His words were very wise when it came to explaining human nature and ways of actual world.
As I am too engrossed with my twins ( and check them out guys, my twin Ezines Agnishatdal and Agnijaat) I will use him as my own and your teacher for at least a couple of months. Hope you will benefit too.


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