Thursday Pedagogy 15.12.16

Chanakya Neeti 16

Huge heart, sweet tongue, patience and righteousness can’t be acquired with practice, they are inborn qualities.

I believe he is right, people can pretend for some time of course, like stage actors do, but sooner or later the true person will come out, or will keep revealing itself whenever the mask is removed by one thing or other.
Do you remember the racecourse scene of “My fair lady” when Audrey Hepburn belted out those expletives? Well that I think was very natural!
-0- -0- -0- -0-
Chanakya was the mentor, guide and prime minister of Emperor Chandragupta Maurya. His words were very wise when it came to explaining human nature and ways of actual world.
As I am too engrossed with my twins ( and check them out guys, my twin Ezines Agnishatdal and Agnijaat) I will use him as my own and your teacher for at least a couple of months. Hope you will benefit too.



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