Thursday Pedagogy 13.9.18

60 Thursday Blog 12.4.12

There is no glory
In coexistence
Of stark poverty
And immense wealth
Stark poverty
Should be eradicated
Uplifted to the level
Of humanity

There was a time, when anyone has the right to build a small hut and live there with family; mostly they were ignored by the Kings/rulers of that place.

Then time changed and every square centimeter of this world had “owners”, pay if you want to have a dwelling is today’s rule.

Lucky peoples don’t spend seconds thinking about the plight of people huddled under tarpaulin sheets on the footpath. They wrinkle their nose and think them as a blemish to the town.

They are a blemish, to the humanity, to the society, to the governments. So why is nothing done to wipe out these blemishes?

When one travels across Kolkata one sees housings, old houses crumbling down to dust, empty.

If these people are provided these as rent-free shelters on the condition that they will leave it after six months/year then who will be harmed?

If USA can provide such shelters to homeless people why can’t India?

Evacuation will be a problem? Not if they sign a bond paper. If they are really unable to afford lodging after six months they can apply for seat in another one, if they are eligible they can be shifted to another one.

There will always be a handful of opportunists but we can’t let everyone suffer for that.



  1. Alas the poor and homeless in many countries are ignored…the USA has many such people who are not provided shelter of any sort…charitable organizations attempt to meet that need not the government.

  2. Thank you for your poem and post. Each State here is differently governed according to laws each puts in place. There are shelters but they normally can only take on the homeless for a certain period of time and are always full. Here in Washington State they are still talking of what to do with the homeless and many still roam the streets or live in homeless camps where they will be allowed. At times, the State tires of where they are camped and makes them move on. Even so, I know homelessness there is much worse and poverty unduly so. I do hope the government there can come up with a solution to it, as you have mentioned, is not going to get better until something is done. I hope you are well and I am glad you continue to be able to write as you do.

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