1.3.14 TO 7.3.14

Thursday pedagogy 6.3.14

Just a few weeks earlier I was reading an article in “The Hindu” how lot of diplomats are trying typewriter again, when they are exchanging confidential documents. After the exposure of world wide web of snooping by Edward Snowden (God bless him!).

I read about a legendary writer of present time, I have forgotten his name because his books are not in my favorite list, actually I dont recollect reading anything by him, he uses typewriter, types all his novels and never uses computer or internet for any purpose regarding their editing, publishing etc. He is quite paranoid about cyber theft.

Now, I fully agree with him, I know there are cheap people out there, with/out talent who prefer stealing, or who steal for other ulterior motives- yes more ulterior than stealing, such a pack of hyenas have been stalking me since 2000, they interfere everything that goes in or out of my phones or internet, they are paid vultures, active workers of the filthiest trade of human world (Cant call them part of civilization), so I know how deep the claws of thieves can dig, if they are serious, they have physical access to your things and if they are paid well. They stalk me and steal my things (even though I dont have any talent) to prove me a questionable character, after they steal, they create their accounts, using sweetest pix, followed by their own gangmembers, to prove authenticity and then publish my works before I could, then, when I publish mine they try to prove that I stole their works. These heinous ghouls forced me to keep my works in computer’s hard disk, they used to sift through them while I was busy online, when i stopped that, they started to steal my “scheduled posts”, now I will have to see what will they try next.

So, I for once wont be surprised if people go typewriter way in future to save their works from freeloaders. I am thinking about starting letter writing again, using good old pen and paper to communicate with my friends, but… there too is a problem… I have ghouls keeping a watch on my postbox, for years… so… even though a friend of mine wrote me a letter two months back, I did not get it, may be it is in dead letter box, or in hands of a ghoul… but that is a better option to me.

Those of you who do creative works on computer may think about a plug in hard disk, which you will remove when you are online.

When you send your works to a publisher, do send a copy to someone you fully trust.

airoplane 23.2.14

the first dream
that man had to fly high
like birds in sky
ended in pain
a father losing young son
then came the metal birds,
and the balloons, gliders
to give just a little glimpse
of what birds achieve
without a single drop of sweat
may be we will too fly like them
feeling the wind
controlling the wind under our wings
or just letting it control us

beach trees 15.2.14 1

they stand in line silently
their shaggy heads
full of leaves, like the head
of an old man
standing, watching the world
and shaking their head
in amusement, anger or despair
they watch the waves come and go
offer tired birds
weary after fighting ocean winds
a little shelter
some moments of rest and respite

boat in river 24.2.14 night 4

the night wind sings
the waves join in
somewhere a fish jumps in river
making a sweet splash
the trees whisper
their branches gently sway
leaves flutter
singing a sweet lullaby
the sailor rests after day’s toil
lying on the deck
rocked by the river
soothed by sweetest wind
the moon watches over

chair in garden 14.2.14

a book in hand
songs of birds
that chirp and hop
from branch to branch
sometimes come down to grass below
for a quick nibble
shaky, too eager to fly away to safety
grass covered with dew and petals
sweet fragrance of coral jasmine
filling up the morning air
autumn sun warms but gently
promising winter days
ahh! life! how beautiful you are!


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