14.2.2014 TO 21.2.2014

Thursday Pedagogy

1 Thursday pedagogy

When man tries to play God, or interfere in God/nature’s plan the results are almost always tragic, no matter how tragic the motivations might be, for example, someone frustrated with the sufferings of a crippled child, spouse decides to play God and experiment on naive human beings to find a cure. Seen too many movies/serieses on this theme, even though I always agree with the writers when they say that man should not play God, give in to God’s will, still, is not most of the human progress happened because of this? Man’s defying the things that were told to be God’s will…

Some moral issues are too complicated to be decided instantly, or perfectly. These issues always leave a large, dangling trail behind…individual trails that are followed by groups of like-minded people.

val humour 14214

when you love someone
or care
dont use your imperfections
or your inability to be perfect
as the dagger to wound
again and again
without hesitation
thinking all the time
or bragging, ranting
“I am but human”
That is no excuse
make it your excuse
to perfect yourself
not pull others down
for loving you
being with you
caring for you



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