14.3.14 TO 21.3.14

Thursday Pedagogy 20.3.14

Giving away children to adoptive parents without the consent of parents. It is quite an controversial topic, like abortion. Very rare people talk about it with logic.

When I read about the children growing up in homes, especially orphanages i wonder if they are better there or would have been better with abusive parents. But when we think about the kids, who at a very immature age have been forced to desert their homes (not the ones who ran away after a tiff over barbie’s new dress) and live in the street, at the mercy of vultures, we again tilt toward the government agencies who watch over unworthy parents.


the sooner we know
from heart
a harsh truth
the better for us
a thing I learned
as a child
on pages of a book
and did not liked it
back then, at all..
but life taught me
again and again
till it became crystal clear
anything and everything
you sow, you may reap
chances are real high.
it wont matter at all
the motivation behind
that action
how selfless, selfish or stupid
it was.


the young trees
with frail trunk
filled with green leaves
standing on ground
covered with dry leaves
sweet fragrance of new leaves
lingers around them
like fragrance of a flower
their youthful beauty
fills up the heart
soothes the mind
lightens up the soul


fake lovers do have
their telltale signs
like lack of will
to share warmth,
wealth of heart
happiness and time
but innoceent hearts
eager to believe
read these signs
too late


how scary it must be
and painful
to live for years
inside a prison
abused by so many
with no place to run
or hide
seems far more scary
than being put down.


if you are not an angel
that is but normal
dont pretend like one
if you are vain
most probably you cant help
just dont pretend to be saint
honesty is often the best thing
you can give yourself, your persona
for it will inspire you to improve
and will never let someone
tell you you are a fake!


when you believe that you have
enough reason to hurt an innocent
someone who has done you no harm
kill that desire, then and there
dont let it sprout a single shoot
for it is a demon growth
that will soon choke you
in its poison grip
there is no way
you can get rid of it
after allowing it
without ripping away pieces of your soul
or may be more…


when things go really scary
we think that if we run from it
things will change
sometimes they do
but if you look back and see
it is still following you
or you feel its slimy tentacles
touching your shoulder as you move forth
turn and face it
believe me, it may just wither away


greed is a parasite
that thrives in every heart
every soul is gifted
with its antidote, conscience
but greed weaves such pretty sight
in our weak mind’s eye
that we think it will feed it
just a little bit
and soon it captures our whole being
no longer the antidote works


if you are seeking lasting love
you should first practice
honesty and respect
then add a little compassion
and a spoonfull of understanding
a little dose of tolerance
accepting differences
alteration from your dream lover
will lay the foundation


its but natural
for the loon to seek the moon
it may fall in love
with all its heart
but it must remember
there is no reason at all
for the moon to notice it
forget about falling in love


Ah the summer days!
there is no escape
from the blazing sun
hitting the concrete slabs
with million rays
they in return
shooting them back
and the living beings
caught in that line of fire
you can guess how they are!


From where do psycho’s pop up?
with this sick frame of mind
getting joy from causing pain
are they nature’s deviate
or some spoiled sick brats
who did not received the spanking
they so well deserved
when they repeated the first signs
of being disturbed..


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