2.4.14 TO 8.4.14

Sweet is the tongue

sweet is tongue

We often dont even feel the bite, its sweet poison numbs our wisdom, reasoning and senses before killing.


IF ONLY… 4.4.14

If only a drunkard could say
to his bottle of rum
Please chum
Go, look for another bum
You are a bottle of stale rum
You are a monkey with only gum
so dont try to chew my brain
its too tough for your gum.
Go look for another fiddle to strum.

IF ONLY…. 5.4.14

If only a politician could say
I am sorry I am a brazen liar
I have become afraid of hell’s fire
or my own burning pyre
lit by people cheated by me
I am sorry I forget you
the minute I walk in the cabinet door
and you come back to my mind
after a period of five year
like a strange raging fire
I come running after you
because I know, through those years
I dont give, only take
so your eyes will be filled with desire
and your heart will be susceptible
to all the shameless lies i speak
and you will give in… to my desire
before for five years, again I retire

IF ONLY… 6.7.14

If only a lover could say
I dont care how you look
for it is inside you what I look
that is the thing that will stay
with us till our journey’s end
we both will walk hand in hand
promising honesty over everything
and when the time will come
if we ever allow it to
we will part our ways
but with honesty and faith
there wont be any betrayal
i will take you as you are
and you will do the same for me.

IF ONLY… 7.7.14

A child could say
I will never forget you parents
even if you fail me humanely,
as long as you are just a human
I will never turn my back on you
I will never forget
how you tried your best
to give me what you could
and I seek no more
and in return the parents could say
my child God gave you to us
but we too brought you here
and that is our responsibility
but we dont own you
you will live your own free life
and we will always thank you
for every joy you bring to us
but let us hold your hand
and guide you through this maze
not because you are not wise
but because you are yet to grow


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