7.3.14 TO 14.3.14

1. internet has finally, beautifully brought the world together- you can connect with anyone anywhere in world, where internet is available. You can see them, talk with them, share data, information…name them you will most probably will be able to share them.

2. If you are introvert, who cares if in real life peopld fail to notice your qualities, mingle with people who are like you, will understand you, just be practical.

3. You have passion for a specific thing? how much knowledge do you think you can take? internet most probably have more than you can digest.

4. gone are those days when people had to fumble around in new places, countries… if you are a planner, then an absolutely strange place wont be strange for you. Believe me, it can be a blessing for frequent travelers.

Now the serpents:

1. All types of predators skulk in this labyrinth- people who will eat innocents alive, people who work in creative fields but dont have that zing, well, where is the problem, flitter around those who have it, and then steal their stuff- their works, ideas…

2. Create an id, with a sweet face, preferably an old man or a young boy/girl and then go hunting, put up your best mask, and while your victim entertains your blabbering, you hack in his or her computer, account, met an **** in FB on 9/3/14, he uses the pic of a boy barely 14 or 15 years old, calls himself a prince, I checked his profile when he requested me for friendship, i thought he was barely a little boy, so i accepted it, he started to sift through the visible data, and then voila my private datas were being “Shared by me” – i blocked him but his diseased mind was sure not funny. These sick, deranged persons really make internet an unsavory place. Then there was another guy, ahem, not guy a bunch of college boys, they use the same id and chat up others pretending to be one person… funny, is not it, if given chance how cheap human beings can get? How little respectability means to them? There are more dangerous types too, very common in India, middle aged, or older married men, who live a content life with wives but play on internet, they pick up ids in random choice i believe, ranging from all over the world, and tell they are either divorcee or widower and then lick the brains of girls, women. Their lousy english is easily confused as bad english of europeans…asians.

3. the copycats, these people will literally copy anything you do, your nature, your preferences, your works. I personally believe that there are people who will do just anything to show off, they will act like mocking birds, mimic every thing that catches their fancy, as if it is their own. There is no way stopping them, my policy is when i share something on internet i dont cling to it. I have seen my paintings being shared in some free greetings sites, even though it feels nice, but it would have felt nicer if they had told me, but they mostly show my name anyway, there are psychos who for years stole my works stored in HD and scheduled posts folder in WP, till i stopped storing things in HD and discovered a medicine for the WP scheduled post stealing style, by publishing them in a page before putting them up in a scheduled post. I will suggest all my writer, creative friends to use a removable HD to store their works and keep their works there, and copy it in computer when they want to upload it, if they connect the HD while they are online, the result may be same, someone who will be able to hack in computer, will be able to access HD too. These days, hackers sell these softwares like vegetable sellers sell onion. So dont let them rob you.

4. The sicker type who lurk in internet, do you know, as per snowden there are softwares that can siphon an entire hard disk from your computer? Listen to your private conversations? Watch you through webcam? Well, can you cross your heart and say that these techs are not available in ebay? I wont!



church 6.3.14 1

They speak of God endlessly
but know not God
they bang their heads on
altars, doorsteps
of temple, mosques and church
and despise anyone else
who sees God in different way
knowing not, or ignoring the fact
there are no two Gods
and that God resides in hearts
not in books or buildings

lakeside 6.3.14 1

one day might come
when man learns his lessons
and heals the earth
and there will be
tranquility and peace once more
a little piece of blue sky
and a bit of green land
for every soul
to lay down, to surrender
his weary body, tired soul

poppies 6.3.14 1

two evil kings always seeking
more and more power
never ready to surrender to peace
even though, they easily could
in their borderland
blooms meadows full of poppies
that sprout up from the blood
of fallen, noble young lives
slaughtered in name of country
but actually to satiate
their endless lust, greed
the monster kings…

sunlit field 6.3.14 1

his golden face conquered
her heart of gold
his honeysoaked words
completed the victory
she gave in
never knowing
his heart was already won
and he was just a puppet
in his mistress’s hands
truth dawned like it always does
after hundreds of dark, sleepless nights
she scattered the piece of her broken heart
and moved on into smiling dawn
pieces of her heart still glows in sun


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