Thursday Pedagogy



Lately I am listening to Hindi songs a bit, I dont listen to songs that are less then 20 years old. Honestly, I sometimes try to listen to them, but they are torment. Their poetic value is zero and have very limited emotions-three to be precise-raunchy, saucy and abusive I think, oh yes there are some spiritual and patriotic songs-phew! scariest of the lot.

So I stick to older songs, when the singers, lyricists, music directors were too much better than the ones these days. Even then, if someone listens to hindi movie music one will think that the Indian society revolves around love, that too truest form of love. How misguiding movies can be!

Boy! nine out of ten songs are wooing or weeping about lost love. The tenth is about random topic.

It is quite intriguing why dont Hindi movies have some songs that are really real? About real life yet good. They copy so much from Hollywood cant they copy some of the themes of their songs too?

One will feel sick like someone who has been munching chocolates day after day, without eating anything else πŸ˜‰ if someone listens to these songs- actually listen i mean, like i do. I dont let the tape play, i listen, contemplate and often growl too, when i have to come from some other room to forward the song.

honestly, i listen to bengali songs but they are not this pathetic, they have so much variety of topic! They have something for all type of people.


It is always intelligent to learn about wicked minds if you are a simple soul. How they may act or may think. It is quite intriguing and relieving fact that even though spontaneous actions are part of human nature but still too often they act alike. Simple hearts like other simple hearts, and wicked minds like wicked ones.

If you are a simple person, and blindly ignore wicked ones, even if they are flourishing in your world you are acting like an ostrich.

In place of that if you study them, and then of-course “never do what they do” then you are double winner. For you will be able to read their games and in place of being corrupted by them you will outsmart them.

Is not that cool?


Sometimes people do show us the right path, dont they? Well being a horror fanatic I have read Amityville horror as a thirteen or fourteen year old I believe, in bengali. Then read four books in my twenties, watched one movie too.

How many versions have been told about that horrible incident, which most probably just the outburst of a mentally disturbed boy or a pair of really disturbed siblings!

How we love to guess every possible explanation, starting from logical to absolute insane, forgetting totally we are talking about a family, including some small children, who were slaughtered by someone they totally trusted!

We do sometimes cross the limits of humanity when we are speculating!



When conservationists say that “Family” is important when it comes to wedlock, the rebels mock them, taunt them, well, I have seen and quite firmly believed that lineage indeed is quite a factor when it comes to a person’s nature, behaviour- if not always then mostly.

Now scientists are singing the same song, the song which we conservationists have “Studied” or “felt” long ago and believe in, scientists are saying that “memories” too are carried from one generation to the next by genes.

So, if a family has been practicing all sort of classy things for generations (read aristocrats) then chances are quite high that their kids will follow that path? eh?

BTW it does rhymes with the stories of “memories of previous birth” does not it?

Anyway, in my (ex) family lineage always came before any other thing, including money when it came to marriage- guess they were scientifically right too!


Recently, most probably government of Texas has shown the rest of the world how to get rid of “homeless folks” by building “homes” for them.

When will the rest of the world follow their example?

A young man in India, Bangalore has built a home that is very cheap and sturdy, maybe Indian governments too take the cue from the firstmentioned government and after rewarding this guy appoint him as the head of a project like above.

I think no living being should be homeless!


Well my brother calls me conspiracy theorist, I dont give a hoot to his opinion but I do try to dig everything till i get an answer satisfactory to mysel, and dont accept anything blindly. Always keep my mind wide open, ready to accept every rational explanation.

So, I have watched “The Last temptation of christ” and “Da vinci code”, now there is an old scroll that says what has been told in “The Last temptation of Christ” partially, that Jesus Christ actually married Mary Magdalen the prostitute, the thing that intrigues me is if he actually did married someone and had kids then why is this eagerness to hush it up?

Was it because Marie Magdalen was a prostitute? The society then and now could not digest it?

Most prophets were married, had kids, so what? That was the normal thing back then- to marry, raise kids!


Just a few days ago I wrote a poem about our search for saints, and my honest opinion about them, that I feel truly sad for them, it must be really painful to have a heart like that in this world, which is so hell-bent to destroy every thing that is innocent or pure (quite mostly, if not always).

A friend of mine left a comment saying it hurts like hell when you thing someone is a saint and then they turn out to be toxic.

I know what he was talking about! Have studied in that school for years. Lesson after lesson did not convinced this brain that human beings are just human beings, there are multiple faces attached to them, all equally living, breathing, talking… they use one face at one place, or multiple faces all the time!

A man monster to you maybe an angel to his own family, in true sense, not feigning to be an angel. Someone who wont flinch to slaughter you for nothing may not even raise his voice when admonishing the people he loves! Such is human nature, so, the less we expect from it the better that will be for us.



A few days ago I was out shopping. A casual query lead to a discussion with a shopkeeper. He remarked that I look like a highly educated person, I must be a school teacher. I answered that I was not, I was unemployed. He must have thought that I was a lazy bum who preferred sitting at home than working outside.

If only I could share the stories of the offices I tried to work in, the environment, the hygiene, the co-workers and bosses!

Internet may be a very abused thing worldwide but in my case it has been a mixed bag. In one hand it has given a bunch of poisonous ghouls the access to monitor my activities on the other hand it has actually given me the courage to try again, challenging all the adversities to make my own living.

Sitting here in India I can try to get my works sold in any place of world, that will give my Indian ghouls a really tough time! Even if I dont make money I have made something else which certainly hurts them a lot, a group of priceless friends and a hobby that keeps me happy and busy day in and day out.

Life is never simple, single coloured or single-tracked- every drop has millions of colours and tracks emerging from it. πŸ™‚ You get a mixed dish of everything.


I have often told you about these cheap creeps that have been following me around for years, those who almost made me stop blogging by stealing my works before I could publish them.

They used to steal from my hard-disc while I was online, when i prevented them from that joy by storing my works in removable hard-disks they went for the scheduled posts, then right when I was thinking about stopping scheduling posts and idea popped up and i started publishing them in my pages before scheduling them.

Now these idiots must be busy stealing from other people too, so they cant waste all their time in my blogs, most probably they rotate in cyberspace, robbing from one blog to the next. so one showed up after a while, and that one picked up a story and published it in it’s blog after full overhaul of-course. Before mine was published in. I wrote it in the page on 13th, the page is hidden, it published it’s overhaul on it’s blog on 16th and mine is published in my blog on 20th. Now, anyone reading both blog will think that I am the plagiarist, even though I have proof that my story was written before. Because wordpress saves every minute change you make. Even if you change a word it is saved.

Still it will be able to convince quite a few that it wrote first! 😦

I tried to look from some way of blocking it’s I.P. address from accessing my computer/I.P. address but could not find one.


In real life and in cyberworld I have faced the problem of stalking in its all ugliness. There is not much to say about its intensity but only this much that they made me believe that if there were demons in this world, like Lorraine and Ed Warren said they will run off if they meet human beings, I swear!

The people who intrigue me more are those who stay in my life adamantly, without any interest or open expression of hostility, wherever I go, whatever I do they become a part of it, if not using their own name then fake ones. But they are not even remotely interested in “me”, yet they dont move on like so many of them have.

Some people have become treasured friends through all these years and some has stayed like this- part of my shadow. No matter how hard I try, these people do make me uneasy.

I cant imagine following around a person without rhyme or reason, maybe that is why these people make me uneasy or maybe I have been bitten too many times by these stalkers so they stir up old feelings.

Because my stalkers are not like you or me, when i tell you they are demon incarnated you should better believe it, they dont have any human qualities in them, but they use amazing masks, if you meet them then you will be charmed, if you mess with them or hurt their sky-high vanity or business prospects you will know how demons are; and I know they keep a tab on my online activities, after all, it concerns their business prospects, so I just cant shake off the feeling that some of these maybe them, the ones that are so hesitant to celebrate with me, the ones whose sweet words sound to be poison laced! The ones …



If you watch the politicians and some tycoons and have read the history in your graduation text books you will see how similar they are, yet every thing that the royals did was wrong in their eyes. The royals were tyrant (like Hitler), they were communal (like all the politicians who count votes through communal riots), they were usurpers (like the MLAs who become kings from rags).

The royalty is gone, yet these politicians try to use them as their favorite targets often. They whine and complain against these royalties even though they no longer exist.

Is it something else?

They have realized after doing everything they did that they cant be royals?


Recently I was reading a post in wp, which I really could not believe, it was saying that by 2017 laboratories will build dwarf human beings in laboratory and use medicines on them, human version of guinea pigs.

Honestly my sanity did not allowed me to admit that any government will have enough guts to approve any bill of such kind.

They may have been doing this in stealth, on actual human beings, without their knowledge but will never have the guts to do it openly.



There is an old proverb in India, your real friends laugh with you and cry with you. This age of social media helps us so to filter the true friends and keep them close and keep the casual acquaintainces that way.

But they do leave you wondering what is their actual purpose behind reaching out to someone. Being a keeper I often feel tickled by these people.

When you say you want only close friends in your circle, those who actually believe in friendship they echo your words, and the minute you open your door and let them in they forget you. πŸ™‚


Now I am quite forgiving and forgetting type, but some things do leave a little itch, and then when you notice them remembering the birthdays of others you become really suspicious about their honesty and sincerity, dont you?


An impudent suggestion to senior citizens- aging with dignity is a very beautiful thing. There is nothing wrong with growing old, there is nothing wrong with dying your hair or not, it becomes vulgar or funny when you dye your hair and pretend that you are thirty years old. There is a beauty in the confidence and grace that mostly comes with age, embracing it makes people more beautiful. Youth has its own beauty and age has its own. Acting otherwise is just acting, it mostly doesnot works out well.

A suggestion to young ones, dont be arrogant, people who have been around for more than decades have learnt something extra than you, maybe not in every sphere, but most probably in some spheres, so, dont ignore their words, tomorrow you may regret your arrogance, so why not give their experience the respect that deserves!



The recent obsession of Hollywood with cannibalism and zombies reminds me of an experiment I read about in most probably reader’s digest or some other science magazine.

in that experiment the scientists allowed rats to freely breed in a confined space, and noticed how their behaviour deteriorated with growing population.

Finally there was rat eating rat.

Scary huh?


Ah! It sometimes really gets on your nerves when people whose name has been flaunted all over the media for quite illegal type of things all of a sudden become patriots. Start preaching about “voting” as a sign of patriotism, ofcourse it is easy to go and vote and then take bribe and do all sort of filthy things.

Or using only Indian thingies starting from books to cold drinks πŸ™‚ whereas their own kids study in foren schools and they take a foren trip every month at the max. These gyans are for ordinary people, to tell them how much more patriot they are than the ordinary people, that is why they brag and we listen. Boy their audacity sometimes gets on your nerves.

It reminds me one of the cat that drank the cream and feigned innocence.

Human beings often forget that people do have a power called memory.

But these are the times when one starts to wonder if they are fool or blind.


So our new government is showing up its true colours, the bribes shoved by industrialists is slowly splitting the tattered bag and the currency is showing up.

Can you imagine a decent country having a environment protection board consisting of three members? Oh yes! our country’s new environment protection board has three members, two of whom are our prime-minister’s close buddies.

Not only that, our prime minister has flanked all environmental rights of the land of Gujarat, smugly devoured lands meant for agriculture, neglected the rights reserved for endangered species.

I hope that Indias’s only hope Supreme Court is also studying this brazen display of how bribe works in India drama.


Israel and Palestine both should calm down and think about the reality. Being a human being I can neither blame jews for accepting a bizarre offer to settle in a land that was not theirs, to occupy it without the consent of locals, i have seen a movie, in that it was shown that Israel was occupied by power, and a force stayed there for years to keep it that way.

But, after the hatred and torture jews faced almost all over the world it was but natural that they would have preferred a place they could call their home, that was not a sin, was it?

But they should remember with humillity that the land was occupied by force. So the locals have right to grumble and they will… being human beings.

On the other hand, those who are continuing to shed blood should pause and think, is not it a little late to keep killing others? After all, killing will invite more killings and nothing can be gained out of it.

They should try to live with each other in peace and harmony. Try to stop the killing of innocents once and for all! For ever!

JULY 2014


My elder brother was the nightmare of anyone who loves living creatures, he used to waste an ample amount of his salary on buying living creatures and killing them (by neglect or bad keeping).

One of them was a monkey. He bought it and used to keep it chained to a tree near our front verandah.

That poor thing used to slip out once in a while, and heaven only knows why he used to return! Most probably because he was dependent on human beings.

Any way, he had a strange way, I dont know why, I never mistreated him but never went near him either, not much, because I have seen him scratching others πŸ™‚ But every time after his escapade, he used to come to me and allow me to chain him, no one else in that house. I wonder why!

Maybe he knew that I wont force that chain on him ever… if he ran I wont stop him! 😦

I wish he had!


When it comes to looking for love and happiness one should always follow one’s heart. The safest options for those who fall too deeply in love are God and celebrities- the first one will return more than received, the second one will be charmingly oblivious of admirer’s very presence, will never exploit the love bestowed.

Then after placing one or both of them as main object of love they can go out and spend the remaining bit on others πŸ™‚


If warring parties invite a third person to assess their problems, to take a side they should be aware of one big truth- they have their own mind and may have their own plans too…

Its best to not call third parties, but if one does one should be prepared to hear something totally against one’s own thought, belief or reality itself! Not only that, one should be cautious about the opinions, they may be totally wrong or have hidden agendas.

People who grow up surrounded by good people, who are loved and cherished in their early age are lucky if their good luck continues in their future too.

On the other hand, people who grow up with mixed sort of people, mainly negative ones, if they can get over that negative influence will be happy wherever life leads them to, if life takes a pleasant turn then they will be happy, if it stays same they wont pine for past joys and if it gets worse they may still hope that it will be over too…


Past memories- some people want to go back to those days, I never was one of them, I guess past could never make that impact on me, I always enjoyed the present, without much thinking about tomorrow, that I should have done and never pining for the past… that I think what helped me into enjoying present more, and looking forward to future.

Some memories in past are amazing, priceless, but when we move away from a place in life that means we can no longer stay there, fortunate for me I only move away when staying there is futile, so even if I can turn back the clock I wont go back there, because that will certainly mean either reliving that experience which took it away or not enjoying that experience at all, with new found knowledge, experience… so why ruin that sweet piece of painting hanging on walls of memory castle? Bringing a smile whenever you look at it?

JUNE 2014


Why do action movie directors try to show women as stupid? to give their heroes a more macho image? saving themselves and their dim-witted pretty babes?

As a woman it really infuriates me to see those beauties without brain strutting around doing the things which a dog wont do in those circumstances…

Right now I am watching waterworld, and in it a woman shots a harpoon (the ones which are tied to the boat with iron ropes) at an aeroplane carrying hostile barbarians… come on! give me a break! she was not teleported to that world, she has been surviving there, dragging along a small kid with her, so, what was she trying to do? bring down a burning plane on the boat in waterworld? where that boat was there lifeline and home?

From where do they get the inspiration of these women?


When an armyman refuses to fight war, he is branded as a traitor and court-marshalled why is not the same treatment given to those who take a vow to serve a cause and then betray that?

In a cold, calculating cunning manner keep betraying that cause?

Our present society depends a lot on media, to feed our hunger for news around the world, but are they truly worthy of trust? I wonder that… if you are an ex newspaper addict like me you will know. The point is, how many people really know that these people pretend to be “seekers for truth” cash upon some who have laid down their lives in that battle and then write for money- simple money.

At-least that is my opinion of Indian media, I have read all the leading newspapers of India, and that has taught me one thing, dont trust any of them totally when it comes to information, I will rather go to BBC or some other channel when I want to know the actual condition in India πŸ™‚

The thing that saddens me is these papers for money, or bribe slowly, deliberately misguide people and help the corrupts have their way.



Bravery should be combined with intelligence, calm or simply cunning (best), unfortunately bravery rarely walks hands in hands with cunning, so braves will have to try combining calm intelligence with their bravery.

If we notice brave people we will often see brave people are destroyed by cunning cowards because braves often wear their inner-most feelings on their sleeves. Too easy to be identified and used against them.

Sometimes it is good to wait and watch in place of rushing right into the middle of the scene and getting sucked in.

Shivaji and Chanakya may not be renowned for their headstrong bravery but when it came to accomplishing their goals they are far more higher in the pedestal than so many brave souls who got slaughtered in the battlefields.


Ever wondered about these restless people, who hover about the realms, sad- sometimes rightfully, sometimes not, desperate to dampen every heart they come across.

In a group of a friends, they will target the most popular or sweet one, and then try to ruin that person’s rapport, either by corrupting that person or by corrupting the hold that person have on others, not because they want to be that person, they know that they dont have that charisma, all they want is people of that group mope, like s/he is.

When a town is celebrating Christmas, Durgapuja or other things, like a sports, entertainment events, they will climb the podium and start sharing leaflets about starving kids, making everyone feel guilty for being happy.

Are these people truly jealous (in first case) or caring (in the second case) or they just hate to see others happy? Even if they are perfect stangers.

MAY 2014


Any man, society that tells another, or another group of human beings that knowledge and freedom is not good for them, or they are not worthy of acquiring these two things are cowards and liars.

Century after century women have been conned by these self-important bullies, who were so scared that they will lose control that they used both measures the chain and the opium.

Whenever they will lose this control they will go insane. They say if women are well read and free they will bring havoc on the society, in reality the only thing that will be harmed by that liberty is their slavery system.

If we look around we will see that the societies that have mistreated women heinously are the ones most against it, and it improves with the rising ratio of treatment. So, women should understand one thing, these people want their own good, not of the society and certainly not of women.


Love is a very powerful emotion. People who think it is weak are naive. Love is like river, no matter how many obstacles pop up in its way, no many how hard things become, it will keep flowing, nurturing.

Love should be spontaneous, without any pretension. Because love cant pretend, it is either there or not. It knows no game to play with the heart of the one it loves. It gives in without holding back.

Love is something which only the heart in which it resides can truly feel, and sometimes those who earnestly try to feel it can feel it in another. So, never let others tell you what is love and what is not. Because too much chattering confuses heart.

Love is a gem which only rare lucky people possess knowing its worth, and relishing it. Most of us get it, but usually dont reciprocate it and let the gem slip away from our hands, like sand, to never return again.


There is a proverb in India, that says killing the teacher by the skill learnt from him, it may not be literal all the time, often it is symbol of destruction.

Human beings have mastered this skill quite ironically.

They learned flying from birds, and now their flying threatens birds, by the sound and emissions.

They learned sonar skills from whales and now they are muddling up their behavioral patterns.

How much damage one single species can cause an entire planet… human beings might rank top if we go on a galactic search in future.

I wonder in other planets, that have life, are there any other examples of a species as intriguing as human being, with so much knowledge but due to brazen abuse that knowledge is harming everyone around them.


While watching all the lies and truths being spoken in the name of election campaigning, one thought that comes up to my mind is we, the veterans know the truth, but what about those who dont know? I rarely discuss politics in my blog, but a few weeks ago I had some discussions with a fb guy, he was trying to compare the situation of west bengal under our previous government to other states of the country.

Outsiders simply dont have any inkling of the level of hell they have created in this state. The reason must be their total control of media, these days media is blabbering their heads off about rigging and atrocities but where were these people in previous regime? I hate politics, and no I dont vote for any political party, and I know that the present government certainly is not “perfect” but I wont even compare them to the previous ones.

No matter how many lies are spoken by political mouths, we, who have suffered the previous government know very well how much the very environment has changed.

One thing is for sure, I will never trust Bengali media channels. I am rather content with my Hindu (newspaper) journalism. That newspaper is actual newspaper.

But, we do sometimes like to read or hear some honest journalism from the same province.


It is accusation season here, in India now, two things that I am quite intrigued to know are-

Why, leaving aside big bad wolves of Indian politics a group of “angry” people are targetting arvind kejriwal, the leader of AAP who surprised everyone by winning huge number of seats in Delhi, and later disappointing by resigning. Well, his resignation said two things- one he is not capable of handling Indian circus, two he is not ready to become a thief. So, when he is getting insulted and attacked again and again one thing that keeps popping up in my mind is who are these people… are they really angry supporters or hired dogs to ruin his spirit? To blackwash his image, crush his spirit because he has scared big parties by his surprise capture of votes?

Two, well, our three and half year old government is caught in a huge mess, a more than thousand crore scam, everything was dilly-dallying for a year, now at the election time everyone is digging, and things are turning out to be real bad for the ruling party, one will wonder that who are conducting the searches and who are filing the report, most of the government employees of this state have their ropes tied to the erstwhile government, and they might be quite desperate to get their babus back in parliament. Ah the corruption level of this country! Who can we trust?


APRIL 2014

Thursday Pedagogy 24.4.14

Do you really think children are essential to make a marriage work? I have never believed it. I have always believed that mutual love is the essential ingredient of any successful marriage. Mutual love, respect for values and determination to see the end together.

Children are pleasant extra baggages, that will come into your life, after they are five years old they will start losing their interest in parents and slowly but steadily they will move on, leaving the spouses together.

They will spend most of their married life with each other if their kids drift away to far places, like most of them do in present time.

Basically I think couples can do perfectly fine without kids if they cant have one, or if they dont think they want to dedicate so much time and energy on bringing up one, I think, in today’s age, with so much on plate, a lot of couples can think about not having kids- for the sake of children and themselves. There are so many horrible parents these days! People who will like you to speak out clearly that they should have never had children.

Bored with lies,
being served
hot but stale
year after year
but, where is the exit
from this maze
created by us
too eager to be ruled.

I usually dont think much about politics, but with the shooting rate of corruption, I have started to think too, why do we elect these people to squeeze us dry and then corrupt our women to enjoy that ill-earned money.

People call names to aristocrats, even now (which I think is mostly out of envy, because money can buy you lot of things but not blue blood so… if you cant have it, give it a bad name is the policy of most arrogant people), but sometimes I think that politicians, the ones we created, the ones who come up from our population are most probably worse than them, or may be not. But one thing is sure, sooner or later, we will have to force the public servants to act like public servants, not kings and queens elected for five years.


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