Sharmishtha Basu is a prolific writer, digital painter, blogger, and current resident of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. She has written an astonishing number of poems, stories, and commentary on things Indian over the years. She authors and moderates at least sixteen blogs as of this counting. She has produced a wide range of images to illustrate her works, and has published at least twenty-six book-length collections of her writings and images to date.

With a fertile imagination and keen understanding of social issues in India and thereabouts, her writings encompass such genres as culture, politics, fantasy, science fiction, horror, and matters of the heart. She is the creator and moderator of the twin eZines, Agnishatdal and Agnijaat, and continues her writing and painting unimpeded by those things that would discourage lesser creators of words and images.

She is currently keeps herself busy on hours of writing, reading, and creating evocative images. Tirelessly working on writing and painting projects, she spends much of her time immersed in music while painting, and it shows in the colorful results of her artistry, and writing with the music switched off.
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biography written by Troy David Loy

31 thoughts on “sharmishtha

  1. Hello Sharmishtha, Hello, That amazing lady at Silently Heard Once has mentioned me as an Influential Blogger. In order to accept it, I must choose my own Influential Bloggers – and you are one of the most influential I know. I hope you will accept and name your own choices. Congratulations on your wonderful blog.

  2. You have such amazing energy to do so much as you do. I can barely do my one site. I work full time and these last months have been a blur of learning a new computer system and now trying to do it. I have chronic fatigue so hopefully when everything settles down I will once again be able to write as I love to do. Thank you for all that you do. :)

    1. well, if I had a full time job I might not have been able to take care of so many blogs either :)

      its good to do something that earns you some money :)- nothing can beat that confidence.

      1. It is good to earn it but some jobs are very stressful, as is mine, but at my age I need to work a couple of years longer at least before I call it good. You have a passion for writing, my friend, and are following it. Take care.

  3. I must say. I read through this again and did not realize you are 17yrs younger than myself as you look like you might be about 30yrs only. I will be 64 this month. I had to retire last year due to emergent open heart surgery and now I am writing more but will never catch you my friend. I admire you always. :)

    1. when was your birthday? will write it down so I can wish you next year! oh! that looking young is my camera’s mischief, it hides my white hair :) well, you don’t look 64 either, believe me! from pic you too look in your thirties, maybe younger not older! I believe these digital cameras fix up the images without being asked ;)

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