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“Black Mist and other stories” review:

black mist review by troy

“The Lotus of Fire” Reviews:

reviews by brian

reviews by sb

reviews by troy

My journey was about to start with Petals of Fire Lotus in Pothi.com but they took Dussehera break even after commiting to me that they will publish my book on 2.10.14, so with their betrayal I discovered createspace, and after an amazing first book publishing experience with them I decided I will stay with them unless they make me change my decision. I have decided to divert my main energy to self-published books in place of blogs for future years. Hope these books will receive the same love.

Till now I have published five books, and they will be all for this year, unless of-course a coveted miracle happens and some publisher publishes my work. :)

Now, Let me share in descending order, 5 to 1 for your convenience and at the top I will keep adding any kind review I will get on my works. They mean a lot to this compliment hungry writer. Believe me! Thanks a million to anyone who leaves them.

tell me a story

Book 5, “Tell me a story”

A compilation of 50 plus micro stories with colour illustrations by the author herself, trying to capture as many genres, moods as possible with minimum words and pictures. Hope you will enjoy this experiment.

the paperback in createspace:
tell me a story https://www.createspace.com/5067283

and the ebook in kindle:


songbird sings to sun

“Songbird sings to sun” the fourth book.

A compilation of 50 plus poems illustrated in colour. Just sharing world in general with you all.

Paperback in createspace
songbird sings to sun https://www.createspace.com/5058572

and the ebook in kindle:


black mist and other stories

“Black Mist and other stories” the third book.

A collection of ten short stories, no pictures, only scary stories, trying to tickle the jittery bone right before the long winter evenings start.


and amazon:

petals of fire lotus POTHI

The 2nd one in pothi.com.

Petals of Fire Lotus.

30 plus self illustrated poems, now, its name is quite similar to my first work, because I was really angry when I was writing the first book, I was hoping against hope that this book will be in the store on 2/10- the thing I have been requesting even prior to giving them the money, so when I discovered on 2/10 that they have betrayed I was too angry to look for a nice name. I just rinsed my anger with a set of devotional and other poems and createspace made that dream come true- in one single day. So only the names are similar, the contents have only one thing similar- they are done by the same human being.


the lotus of fire

The first one, The Lotus of Fire:

A compilation of 40 plus poems dedicated to God and beauty. Coloured illustrations.


And the kindle version is here:

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